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The services of Mypai have been available since 2002. In that year Marten Heetebrij decided to found his own business, after thirty years of experience in the yacht-painting field. After finishing High School with the Master Painter certificate, Marten started as a yacht painter at Klaver in Vollenhove in 1971.

Thanks to working on refit yachts or new-built projects in the first years of his career, he especially trained himself in the application of paint systems. An appointment as foreman quickly followed. In that position Marten showed his leadership over yacht painting groups, varying in size from four to fifteen men. Not long after that, he was appointed to the management of Klaver in Vollenhove as works manager. After the bankruptcy of the Klaver companies in 1988, Marten started Klaver Yachtpainting at Vollenhove, together with some of his colleagues..


In his role as managing director he was responsible for all the activities of the company from that moment on. After picking up massive international experiences in all his jobs, Marten thought the time had come to offer his knowledge individually. Since then he is the only paint consultant in the world who derives his know-how from a service record based on many years in the yacht-painting field. It is the main reason that the world's biggest names have already cooperated with Mypai.