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Mypai can operate as a consultant for the total scheme of painting works on yachts. In that case Mypai advises you about all activities that need to be accomplished for the painting work on your yacht and the duration from the first inspection until the final control of the delivery. In that whole path, Mypai gives you advice about the following activities, for which Mypai can serve you separately as well:

  • Choice of the painting system
  • Application of the painting system
  • Calculation of expenses
  • Quality registration
  • Insurance


Choice of the painting system

Because of its lifelong experience Mypai can serve you with well-founded advice in this area. Mypai is able to excel because the company is not attached to any painting supplier, but does have the knowledge of various live-tested brands. On this occasion the advice relates to the choice for a certain painting system that is best for the foundation (wood, aluminum, polyester, kevlar, carbon fiber or other synthetic materials) on which it is applied.

Application of the painting system

The application of several painting systems in yacht building requires a certain expertise. Mypai is able to advise and guide you in that aspect, because the company is aware of the latest working methods and systems for any kind of yacht. For that reason Mypai can give you correct information about the preliminary treatment of the yacht that needs to be painted and the way the painting system should be applied afterwards. If required, Mypai is able to make a scheme for the total paint treatment and set out a complete structured plan for the painting works.

Calculation of expenses

Although it is your decision to choose a company that is responsible for the painting work on your yacht, Mypai can give you a realistic overview of the costs that will be calculated. Mypai can assure you will get a good idea of the calculation for the needed run time, the amount of materials and the number of hours for the execution of certain activities. Eventually an objective view of the total cost price calculated by the yacht painting company you choose, is produced.

Quality registration

At Mypai quality is self-evident. Therefore the way your yacht is treated complies with the highest quality terms. To reach that level, Mypai can advise you about the technical and aesthetical quality that should be provided, the introduction of personal protection remedies and the stage management of a quality control system, for which Mypai has developed a Paint System Wizard. This is a guideline on a compact disc, which makes it possible to find information with one simple mouse click (if necessary even on board the yacht) about: 

  • The yacht
  • The yard
  • The applicator
  • Used colors
  • Safety data sheets
  • Inspection moments
  • Conditions
  • Tolerances
  • Acceptance criteria
  • And many, many more aspects



Of course you want to be sure that the company that takes care of the painting works on your yacht does this with the best possible punctuality and accuracy. To achieve that goal you can take out a guarantee insurance for the painting work delivered. If you choose to do so, Mypai can operate as an intermediary between the insured and the insurer. The company can be approached by both parties. With random sampled inspections, Mypai surveys the supplied painting works done by third parties and whether that suffices for the criteria that is necessary for an insurance transaction. If this is the case Mypai will send a report to the insurer, which draws up a policy in accordance with the wishes of the client.