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Marten Yacht Painting Advice Inspection, guided by more than 40 years of experience




If you choose to let Mypai operate as a total advisor for the painting work on your yacht, the company will provide inspections for all painting disciplines before, during and after the planned scheme. This also means that you can turn to Mypai if you want to let the company do one of the following inspections concerning the painting work separately:

  • Preliminary treatment
  • Implementation
  • Delivery
  • Preliminary treatment

To arrive at the paint system that best fits your yacht, Mypai carries out a thorough investigation of the yacht. Especially for refit and maintenance yachts, it is strongly advisable to execute inspections like these, but also for new-build yachts, Mypai knows exactly what should be done.



During the execution of the painting work on yachts several measurements have to be carried out. Control of the working conditions by measuring temperature, relative humidity, dew point, etc. is an example of this. Mypai is able to accomplish all these tasks for you as well as coating thickness measurements (destructive and non-destructive), adhesion tests and gloss readings. All results are computer-recorded by Mypai as established facts. This means that manipulation of the data is impossible. Besides all this, you can also contact Mypai if problems, no matter what size, arise during the painting activities on your yacht. In this case Mypai solves the issue after a detailed dissection. If necessary, Mypai will not hesitate to carry through any necessary reorganization.



After the delivery of the treated yacht, Mypai proceeds to act as a ‘tester’. The complete yacht is exhaustively inspected to reveal possible imperfections in the painting work. At the same time Mypai registers gloss and is determined what decrease is permissible after a certain period of time