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Marten Yacht Painting Advice Inspection, guided by more than 40 years of experience




A yacht painter takes care of the finishing touches of yachts. For that reason the application of painting systems on various foundations and the treatment of the interior and exterior asks for very specific knowledge. Mypai has that expertise available and likes to let others benefit from that know-how by education and schooling.


During a course given by Mypai, yacht painters are trained in the areas of sanding, taping, application of effect coatings, spraying synthetic materials and metal, yacht painting and decoration. Different painting systems, with their own manuals if it comes to specifications, margins and safety requirements, are reviewed, so that the students can learn to moderate various treatment methods.


When choosing a painting system, for which Mypai provides the knowledge, the company always looks at the painting system that is used in the industry that is taught first.